WP 4 | Novel instrumentation and drug screening in brain research



O4.1 Development of novel electrophysiological and imaging tools for the analysis of brain function
O4.2 Development of novel assays for drug screening in epilepsy
O4.3 Development and standardization of genetic and pharmacological animal models of epilepsy

WP4 is designed to develop novel research instrumentation for glial physiology and to establish high-throughput screening assays for glial and neuronal targets in brain pathology. Novel recording and manipulation instruments of optical and electrical signals optimized for optogenetic application and analysis of brain functions in situ and in vivo will be developed. Existing as well as novel knowledge obtained in WP 1-3 will be used to perform high-throughput drug screening. The screens will be tested on glial physiological parameters mediated by ion channels, transporters or gap junctional communication. The two partners from industry collaborate with the academic partners to build up on basic research results and develop novel and improved electrophysiology recording instrumentation as well as novel drug screening assays.

Tasks (and involved participants)

T4.1 Testing and improving research instrumentation to record electrical signals and using optogenetic tools (NPI, AU, CNR)
T4.2 Optimizing image recording and data analysis in situ and in vivo (USAAR, UKB, FINCB)
T4.3 Developing in vitro assays for the identification of glial drug targets in epilepsy based on genetic profiles of patients (HLU, OUS, UKB)
T4.4 Comparison and standardization of animal models for epilepsy (USAAR, UKB, FINCB, CU)


D4.1 Testing of prototypes of novel electrical amplifier optimized for glia physiology and optogenetics (Mo 36);
D4.2 Identified drug candidates affecting glia physiology (Mo 36);
D4.3 Standard operating procedures to study epilepsy in defined animal models (Mo 48)